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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The last queen bee of Libya

Since I last posted a piece on Miss Olive Brittan MBE, the last royal beekeeper of Libya, nearly three years ago, I've had some correspondence and am delighted to have received this photo from Albert Lee via Lofty Albert Webb (Lofty). I'm hoping to hear more about Miss Brittan from another source soon, so keep watching.

I understand that this picture was taken in 1962/3 and features the renowned Miss Brittan with some RAF lads stationed at El Adem. Albert says that if he'd known this was going to be interesting history he would have gleaned more information at the time. Thanks for the photo, Albert and Lofty!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Swarm stops play

On the lunchtime news were pictures of the English and Sri Lankan cricket teams plus umpires laid flat on their faces on the pitch as a swarm of bees passed overhead in Kandy. Pictures here.


A spooonful of sugar helps the honey go down

Isn't it interesting how the vilest tasting honeys are being found to have medicinal properties. Here's the latest on buckwheat honey for children's coughs.

To allay any thoughts that I may be too sceptical, I suppose it's possible that it's because dark honeys are high in antioxidants that the strongest flavoured honeys are most potent.