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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The last queen bee of Libya

Since I last posted a piece on Miss Olive Brittan MBE, the last royal beekeeper of Libya, nearly three years ago, I've had some correspondence and am delighted to have received this photo from Albert Lee via Lofty Albert Webb (Lofty). I'm hoping to hear more about Miss Brittan from another source soon, so keep watching.

I understand that this picture was taken in 1962/3 and features the renowned Miss Brittan with some RAF lads stationed at El Adem. Albert says that if he'd known this was going to be interesting history he would have gleaned more information at the time. Thanks for the photo, Albert and Lofty!

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Anonymous lofty webb said...

Hello Turlough,
No doubt it is my fault, but there is a bit of a mix up with names connected with Miss Brittans photo.
Albert Webb (lofty) took the photo and mailed it to you. I know nothing of an Albert Lee.
I did meet one chap here in Australia briefly, twenty odd years ago who is in the center of the photo with arm across his middle. He was a WO ATC man. He borrowed several of the trip photos to have copied including this one of Miss Brittan and disapeared. Unheard of since. Lucky not to have lent him the negatives.
On the left of the photo,kneeling is (chalky) White and to the right of Miss Brittan is (Benny Hill) Simpson. I can't remember the other names but would very much like to hear from any of them if they see this photo.
Albert Webb

6:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shock I was putting honey on my breakfast this morning 18/04/2009 and who came to mind but Miss Brittan, I was the Area Commanders driver 1966/67 and I met Miss Brittan so I thought I wonder if there is anything on the net and low and behold I find this blog amazing, I did serve in Tripoli & Benghazi 1964/1967, the magic of the internet.

9:05 am  
Anonymous coachguy said...

I was in Libya in 1967 as a VSO volunteer English teacher assigned to a primary school in Derna. I contracted hepatitis and spent three months in hospital in Derna. Miss Brittan came to hear about me and kindly travelled up to Derna to visit me in hospital. Bringing a jar of honey of course. I will never forget her. I went to visit her at the house in Ras el Hillal later. It was exactly as your other writers have described. Guy Ogden

12:58 pm  

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