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Monday, October 29, 2007

Brood exhibition

There's a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in beekeeping at Winchester's Great Hall in Hampshire, UK.

Bill Woodrow has Brood — Sculpture from the Beekeeper Series 1996-2007 on show there until 10 December 2007.

The exhibition features honey and wax and the gold glistens. The larvae high in the walls were especially commissioned for the Great Hall.

My photographs of a few of the exhibits do not of course do it justice — so if you can, do go to see it.

I should say something about the Winchester Great Hall. It dates from the thirteenth century and is described as the first and best of its type. On the wall (visible in the pictures) is a huge symbol of mediaeval mythology: The Round Table of King Arthur.

Hive 2005

Rockswarm 2001 

Close-up of Rockswarm 2001 
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Beekeeper and Golden Ring 1998 

Part of Shadow of the Beekeeper 1998 
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Can you see the pupae? 
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you think the artist made all the bees on the surface of "Rockswarm"? Do you think it's from some sort of cast of actual bees?

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Turlough said...

I'm not at all sure how he made the bees. They don't look accurate enough to be from a cast of an actual bee, but they are similar enough to look like they have been made with casts. I looked -- in vain -- for the queen.

It is beautiful. I'd love to have it hanging on my living room wall.

10:56 am  
Blogger chris wood said...

It was a great exhibition and had to be seen to be fully appreciated ! The pieces were thought provoking back in 2007 and even more so now - with the demise of so many bees.

11:49 am  

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