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Monday, October 15, 2007

That Bee Movie

The Seinfield/Spielberg collaboration, Bee Movie, is due for release in the USA on 2 November (it happened to be the subject of one of the first Propolis blog postings).

So, beekeepers, brace yourselves! Here's why Jerry Seinfield wanted to make the film:

“I just thought bees were funny. They live in a small company. They have a product. They have offices. They have bosses. They have employees. They have schedules. So it seemed like a little corporation hanging from a tree, and I thought that was a good situation for a movie - you could tell a good story about what goes on in that company.”
Forgive my purist leanings, but can anyone tell me who the bee boss/es happen to be? I'm damned if I can get my head around that one.



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