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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sticky moment

It's nice to know that the New Zealand authorities seem keen to ensure the authenticity of the medicinally-acclaimed UMFR manuka honey. The paperwork of an un-named supplier is under investigation by the Active Manuka Honey Association. They say there is no problem with the honey.



Blogger Biggest Loser @ TNMC said...

New to propolis, what is UMFR manuka honey?

3:32 am  
Blogger Turlough said...

According to Waikato Honey Research Unit
"Active manuka honey" (and its Australian equivalent) is the only honey available for sale that is tested for its antibacterial activity. It contains an additional antibacterial component found only in honey produced from Leptospermum plants: what has been called the "Unique Manuka Factor" (UMF).

8:39 am  
Anonymous Sue said...

I agree that they should protect their honey as it a valuable source for many ailments and very beneficial. I recently found a site that goes into more detail about the benefits of manuka honey at, I found it very interesting.

4:07 am  

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