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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Funding blind beekeepers

I'm still puzzling over this one.

In the Eastern Cape of South Africa social businesses are benefitting from tax-free investments.

The Gadra bee-keeping project is already fully invested and will provide training and equipment to a group of six blind people, who can become income-generating beekeepers.
Now, I've always considered reasonable eyesight as an essential to good beekeeping, especially when judging the health of a colony and when looking for eggs (I am very aware of this because I'm annoyed I now have to wear reading glasses to make positive egg identications now!)

I know that Francois Huber, notable for his understanding of 'bee space', was blind, but he did use a sighted assistant (who I imagine was no stooge). So, can anyone enlighten me about what's going on in South Africa's Eastern Cape?

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