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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A cross-dressing lawyer, a bridge and a dead beekeeper?

Did you hear the one about the cross-dressing lawyer, a bridge and a dead beekeeper?

Well ... beekeeper Ken Richards died when an army-built bridge on the property of Keith and Margaret Berryman collapsed in 1994 in New Zealand. The case has been rumbling on for ages. The lawyer, who is described in the media, as a cross-dresser (do they wear British-style wigs in New Zealand courts?) seems utterly fed up because he claims the court is denying justice to the Berrymans. He circulated inadmissable documents, has been found in contempt of court, has been suspended and fined $NZ 5000 and now says he is quitting for good.

I suspect there is more of this story is to come.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

For further background, see my blogspot at www.slidgenz.blogspot as I boarded at the house in question.

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