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Monday, June 11, 2007

Riders of the swarm

After rather too long a blogging break, I'm back with a story about a cycle in Oxfordshire today.

As a friend and I pedalled around a corner a rather familiar sound hit my ears, followed by a few objects bouncing off my face. We'd run into a swarm of bees about to form in a hedge. This is the first time I've ever accidentally run into a swarm in the countryside. I did see one fly over my office window once, but I've certainly never ridden into one. As all beekeepers will know, no, we didn't get stung.

So, if any beekeeper in Lyford, South Oxfordshire is missing some bees, s/he could try the hedge on right-angle corner in the village.


And in a village a little later on the trip, a church with an hexagonal tower. Perhaps the swarm was headed there.

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