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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lots at the Meon Valley Bee Auction 2006

The Annual Bee Auction run by Meon Valley Beekeeping Association in Hampshire was held today. It's been running now for almost three decades and draws beekeepers from Hampshire and well beyond. I'm told it started informally to get rid of the chattels of a deceased beekeeper. And then they just kept dying! No significant deaths this year, but about 250 lots to bid for. Posted by Picasa

A bevy of helpers for the auctioneer produce a slick event. Posted by Picasa

Ready? Posted by Picasa

Old smokers never die ... Lot 49. Posted by Picasa

A trio of nucs. From left to right, they fetched £110, £85 and £95 (about $190, $150 and $175 respectively) to the stifled gasps of old hands watching. But it has been a tough winter with many people reporting high losses. Posted by Picasa

Fancy skep ... Lot 150. Would you wear it or catch swarms with it? Posted by Picasa

Beekeeper's innovation. Posted by Picasa

Is that man with the mobile phone taking proxy bids? Posted by Picasa

Lot 166 A display case for a Langstroth shallow frame. Price? £4 ($7). My single successful bid, but quite a snip!  Posted by Picasa



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