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Saturday, April 22, 2006


I had an email today from a googler:

Sorry to bother you but your blog came up on a google search and I
wondered whether you could help me.

I have an infestation of bees in the mortar of my flat in the UK, I
thought they were bumble bees but having searched the web I realise
they are probably mason bees.

The mortar is old and I will have to have it re-pointed but I don't
want to disturb or harm them more than I have to as I actually like
bees, especially the big bumble bees that we occasionally get in our

So my question is "when would be the best time to re-point?" I
really don't want to get rid of them and will construct a habitat for

Thank you for your indulgence


I suggested the following, but does ayone have other ideas:

You lucky man ;-) The bees may well be mason bees, perhaps even red mason bees which are very good early season pollinators.

Probably the best time to repoint is in the autumn/winter, but of course that will seal in next year's eggs and you probably won't have the bees around for a few years unless there is another favoured location next year. If you really want to try to save some bees, you could try installing a few red mason bee nests now from the Oxford Bee Company (website currently unavailable), but info here:
Although they likeweathered nests, they might just occupy a few "straws" this year. They will be laying next year's eggs very soon now.

good luck



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