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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Smoke screen

To make sure you don't miss this great picture of the protest at New Zealand's parliament, The Beehive, I've lifted it from Craig Simcox of the Dominion Post. I think/hope the poor visibility is caused by beekeepers' smokers rather than the authorities' tear gas. For more about the protest see earlier post.

Arguing for the lifting of the honey import ban,Jim Anderton New Zealand government minister claimed:

At the present time, New Zealand exports about $30 million worth of honey. If we were to take the actions that Mr Ardern is suggesting and intervene politically in these matters, it would not be very long before New Zealand, which is the most export-dependent developed country in the world, faced barriers all over the world ... we depend on 95 percent of our agricultural produce for 65 percent of our entire foreign exchange earnings.

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