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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Do your bees recognise you?

Bees can recognise faces according to researchers at Queen Mary, University of London.

I didn't quite believe the story at first, but their research seems good and suggests that perhaps there could be a special place in the human brain that recognises faces (I think mine (face-memory segment, not face!) was obliterated at birth).

There is no suggestion that bees actually recognise beekeepers, but if their research is good, that might be a possibility. However -- and no offence to the researchers -- but their findings seem so incredible that I'd like to see a peer review of their work.

Update 11/12/05
New Scientist reports that the bees could remember a face two days' later.


Blogger Cat said...

If my bees do recognize me, the next question might be 'Do my bees like me'?

3:13 am  

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