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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Honey -- the new wine?

UK sales of honey are booming after a 20-year decline says The Independent newspaper (thanks Martin).

The 115 increase of consumption in the past twelve months is attributed to several reasons: its use by celebrity cooks (British TV is currently plagued by cooking programmes), concerns over obesity and the growing popularity GI diets and slow-release energy foods, new squeezeable packaging and health claims.

A major factor they say is a growing awareness of honey varieties and a connoiseurial approach to exotic varieties. Let me add my own interpretation: perhaps when Chinese honey disappeared from the shelves because of antibiotic contamination, consumers turned to other, named, honeys and realised how much better they are.

Whatever the reason, it is great news for British beekeepers who produce only 10% of the UK's 25,000 ton annual honey consumption. And it comes hot on the heels of some enthusiastic reporting of beekeeping becoming the new smart thing in Britain.

Let's get sticky!


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