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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Beekeeping sheds its veil to become trendy

Yet more from those Telegraph articles (see today's other posts).

There's a new breed of beekeeper in Britain, claims Tessa Boase. Younger, richer and trendier:
There are moments when a mood takes hold of society, led not by the media or by marketing men, but by a collective impulse -- a hive instinct if you like. In the Noughties, we yearn for simpler, gentler activities. We want to get in touch with nature. First allotments were rediscovered, then it was urban chicken-keeping. Now people are turning to bees.
Apparently the BBKA reports an all-time high in new recruits, there are waiting lists for beekeeping courses especially in urban areas and large bee suppliers can't keep up with demand.

Journalistic licence? I'll check it out with some local anecdotal evidence and report back.


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