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Monday, September 26, 2005

Beekeeper v Bob Dylan

Two people claim to have made the famous/notorious “Judas” shout at Bob Dylan's 1966 concert at Manchester's Free Trade Hall when he played an electric set. The heckle is one of rock music's most famous moments.

One of the claimants was a beekeeper. So, whom do you believe?

We know that one, John Caldwell, was a beekeeper because he died a few years ago after a severe allergic reaction, possibly attributable to his recently acquired hobby -- beekeeping.

In his brilliant BBC Radio 3 programme about the concert and the incident, broadcast last night and available for about a week here, Andy Kershaw favours the former beekeeper's story.

Caldwell comes across as a thoroughly likeable man. He was upset that he couldn't hear Dylan's words and felt betrayed by his apparent sell-out as Dylan moved from folk acoustic to electric rock. And what did he think of the electric set years later -- “brilliant”. Yep, that sounds like a beekeeper to me: opinionated, loud-mouthed, inconsistent, but awfully nice ... ;-)


Blogger Cat said...

Speaking of hive beetles, guess what.

I will take and send pictures to you.


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