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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Political beehives

I knew that the New Zealand parliament building (picture) is called The Beehive (it's shaped like a skep), but I didn't know about the website in the USA. It is described as
a multilingual web portal that the Brookings Institution calls the de facto standard for online outreach to low-income communities, to address specific domestic issues important to low-income Americans.
Kerry and Bush are using it to try to reach out to low-income voters.

And when I started googling, I came across the Beehive Design Collective:
Taking aim at corporations and western colonialism, the Beehive Design Collective “cross-pollinates” its message through huge and intricate pen-and-ink posters depicting the horrors of corporate globalization. The “anti-copyright” posters have focused on biodevastation and free trade agreements, using insects to represent various players—European wasps leaving their nest to create more like them in North and then South America, complete with military bugs and bloodsucking mosquitoes with corporate logos on their sides.


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