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Friday, October 01, 2004

US Honey Board stuck for words

What is it about some business folk that they hate communication? Take this from the US National Honey Board press release:
the National Honey Board will introduce ten new product concepts and product extensions designed to move honey front and center in mainstream formulations. The Honey Board’s New Product Showcase, which is open and complimentary to all food manufacturing and foodservice product decision-makers and to members of the honey industry, will present honey as an integral ingredient and purchase incentive in breakthrough applications such as extruded corn chips, blendable beverage syrup, processed poultry coating (reduces the need for preservatives by 15%), enriched adult nutrition beverage ... The Honey Board anticipates its market-ready prototype products will provide a creative springboard ...
Need I go on? Where didn't they learn plain English? Are they frightened that if they say what they mean, their ideas will be shown up for what they really are -- pretty feeble?

If they mess around with food as much as they do with the language, I don't think I'd want to touch it.


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