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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Propolizing all over the world

You may wonder who else reads Propolis besides yourself. I've been wondering that too. Fortunately there is a neat piece of software (sitemeter) that tells me a little bit about who's looking in.

Reader numbers aren't huge, but I've impressed by this blog's global reach. According to Sitemeter, Propolis has been read in 17 of the world's timezones (yes, Robin, there are 24 time zones — didn't your geographical father ever explain?).

So which timezones are missing? Come in Samoa, Tahiti, and Anchorage. Where are you, Sao Paolo, South Georgia and the Azores? Calling Nairobi. Your time is up.

STOP PRESS: 7/7/04 Nairobi has just called in. We're up to 18 time zones.
12/7/04 Anchorage has just checked in — that's 19.
14/7/04 Samoa has turned up. The big score!
19/7/04 Welcome the Azores! 21 today!


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