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Monday, July 05, 2004

C'mon you bees — and other social insects

It's almost become a cliche to use bees in certain types of advertising, but here is a selection of logos of sporting bees, wasps and hornets:
Charlotte Hornets basketball team
Georgia Tech American Football team
Greensboro Hornets baseball team
and my favourite the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees ice hockey team.
There's also the Killer Bee golf club — it's a driver and it's illegal because the shaft is too long, the head is too big and its face is too like a trampoline — what we might call a hive on a stick.


Blogger Desiree said...

While I understand your sentiment, we are not the Georgia Tech bees. We are the Yellow Jackets.
And we are so much more that football. We have basketball, track, swimming, and tons of other sports both NCAA and intramural that touch upon almost every sport in the world!

6:47 pm  

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