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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Bee Wilson — one to watch

In the Telegraph's piece on lazy or busy bees, I came across the name of Bee Wilson for the first time. She's at work on a book which should be of great interest to bee people. At only 29, she has been a regular food writer for the New Statesman and the Daily Telegraph. This, from the Guardian in September last year:

Wilson is currently writing a book about the history and cultural significance of bees: “The way human beings have worshipped them for 8,000 years.” It is her first book but is already being touted as the next Longitude. It charts the journey from man's earliest honey-hunting expeditions to the role of honey in ritual and the latest bee-inspired advertising campaign by IBM. “People are sentimental about bees in a way they're not about other insects,” she says.


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