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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Get outta this town

Here's a story that's barely credible: bee hives in Crestline, Ohio, USA may be outlawed. And City officials admit that the legislation is aimed at one man, David Duncan, a beekeeper of more than twenty years:
“A person who lives close to Duncan is allergic to bees and asked the city to outlaw beekeeping,” said Mark Milliron, assistant safety director of Crestline, a city with about 5,000 residents west of Mansfield. “We realized we had no legislation about beekeeping, so we drew one up.”
The proposed law has already had one reading, and if it passes two more will become law, perhaps next month. Similar laws exist in a few other towns.

Perhaps the City Fathers should put up a net to stop all stinging insects entering their patch — maybe something like the bubble over Seahaven in The Truman Show.


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