bees, honey and other sticky subjects

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Sticky journalism

I think there should be a competition to see who can write the most sickly-sweet and sentimental article about bees. Here is my first nomination — from the Cook County News-Herald. It starts:
In the wee small hours of April 27, Kathy Rice rose from her bed and tiptoed through the dark to the nursery. First nights home are tough on new moms, especially moms with 10,000 babies to raise.
And goes on:
Kathy Rice tends her new baby bees several times a day ... Once at the plain-looking box, she inclined her head and listened. A comforting buzz came from within. Mother Bee could rest easily.
And on:
... as she fussed over gently coaxing some of her pretty babies back into the hive.
Fortunately, the article does get better, but ... Any more entries?