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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

International Gift Ark

An imaginative project to give a US school an opportunity to help others and an educational opportunity to learn about different cultures and the importance of food security throughout the world has been organized by Heifer International. The children contributed towards a $5000 donation which is being used to buy the “Heifer International Gift Ark” for 30 families around the world:
two flocks of chicks to a Honduran family to improve nutrition and replenish their land
two sheep to a United States families to produce wool
two trios of rabbits to provide food and income to families in Uganda
two beehives to help families in Mexico earn money through the sale of honey and beeswax
two trios of Guinea pigs to help Peruvian families add protein to their diets and earn income
two Llamas to improve livestock bloodlines and produce wool for Bolivian families
two camels to help families in Tanzania earn income by transporting materials
two donkeys to supply animal draft power for farmers in Zimbabwe
two goats to help two Romanian families provide milk for their children and earn extra income
two oxen to pull plows and carts in Cameroon
two pigs to enable families in Thailand to attain greater self-reliance
two trios of ducks to help families in Ecuador generate income through the sale of eggs and birds
two Water Buffalo to help Filipino families increase rice production through animal draft power
two flocks of geese to help two families in China improve their protein nutrition and income
two cows to bring milk and income to a village in India.


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