bees, honey and other sticky subjects

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Sticky vision

Honey apparently dripping from a laminated photograph of self-styled Indian godman Kalki Bhagwan at the home of a recent convert to the Kalki cult seems to have caused a sensation in southern India with people thronging the apartment to have a look and devotees lining up with religious fervour. At first the honey was reported to be dripping from the left elbow in the picture, then the right elbow and then the chest. The honey, we are told (and shown in the photograph on the south Indian News Today link should you have any doubts whatsover), has already formed a puddle in a silver dish placed below the photograph.

But before you get too excited: Kalki Bhagwan, alias V Vijayakumar, seems to be a rather rich and “controversial godman”. Recently a petition to investigate his “illegal” and “fraudulent” activities was dismissed by a Madras court.

UPDATE: This blog receives a lot of accesses looking from people looking for Kalki Bhagwan. Does anyone really believe his nonsense?