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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Stinging interlude in TV chat show

Winding down from work today, my mother (of no fixed web abode) rang to tell me about “this man stinging people on the Richard and Judy Show”. The man turned out to be Peter Dalby of Pebadale Apiaries with a jar of bees from which he selected a sacrificial worker to sting a woman with arthritic hands. After an hour she said she was in less pain. The studio discussion revolved around the scepticism, safety and efficacy of apitherapy. A “don't-try-this-at-home” doctor was on hand to caution over-enthusiastic viewers. On one thing they were all agreed — any treatment should be supervised in a controlled environment. Anaphylaxis is not a happy way to go.

The claims made by apitherapists are wide-ranging. From acne to wrinkles, Beelief Apitherapy claims that there is a honeybee product that may be able to help, but responsibly note:
“The benefits of Apitherapy are accepted by many (but not all) doctors and scientists, and like all complementary medicines are best used in conjunction with medical diagnosis and advice.”
And on the topic of apitherapy, I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to mention The First German Propolis Congress coming up later next month. It's not remotely related to this website of course!


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