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Monday, April 16, 2007

How the media works Part One

The British press has grabbed on to the speculation that mobile phone radiation might be the cause of CCD by affecting bees' navigation. Tabloids and broadheets have joined in: The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Sun.

The Sun of course overlooks the speculation part: “Mobile phones have wiped out millions of bees, scientists warned last night.”

And all because a German researcher is reported to have found that when he placed mobile phones (I don't know if it's one or more) beside a hive the bees didn't return to the hive.

About a month ago, I heard from an American suggesting HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) as the cause.

UPDATE: I cannot trace the research paper that sparked this story -- and other people have been looking without success too. I think the original journalist needs to give their source!

Further update: journalist rumbled.

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Blogger Unknown said...

You should have come by the Guardian - we've tracked down the research paper and the researchers and done a couple of pieces about this.

In the paper (OK, the Technology section, but we are real):,,2065074,00.html

They weren't mobile phones, they were cordless DECT base stations (like home cordless phones).

1:33 pm  

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