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Thursday, April 12, 2007

CCD grammar

The UK National Bee Unit has said there is no evidence of CCD in the UK. But the way they said it wasn't altogether convincing to this grammar nazi:

Government bee inspectors met yesterday, but Mike Brown, head of the national bee unit based in York, reported no signs of CCD in Britain. “There is no evidence in the UK right now of colony collapse disorder,” he said in a statement. “The majority of inspectors said that they can put the current mortalities in honeybee populations around the UK down to varroa or varroasis.”
Now let me get this right: no evidence ... majority of inspectors say current losses are caused by varroa ... so does that mean a minority of inspectors are saying something else?

Meantime, Cuba says it has has seen no sign of CCD.

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Blogger Toby Chapman-Dawe said...

Grammar nazi, huh? I think "Nazi" would have been, er, ...

Just (mis)handled my first swarm. Oh dear. Where's CCD when you need it?

9:03 pm  

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