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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CCD speculation

The curious symptom of CCD that leaves hives empty -- without even the usual pests and hive robbers until after about two weeks -- brings this speculation from Jerry Bromenshenk of Montana University and Bee alert Inc:

... the possibility that CCD is caused by a chemical that dissipates after a certain time period. After the chemical agent has gone away, the hive is once again safe or tempting for prospective robbers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a lot of speculation as to what is causing it....
Here are my thoughts as to more things I haven't heard discussed....
Odor from new plastic frames?
Frames or supers stored in areas where fume boards are stored.
Frames or supers built with new "improved" glues verses old wood glue.
Changes in paints (i.e. fumes) not found in older paints or other brands.
Numbers of losses from people that ship bees verses bees kept in the same location all year?
Changes in the "moth repelents" in storage, changes in the chemistry that we may not know of.

I'm thinking it might be some fume given off by something we use that might build up in the hive, and drive out the bees.

Is there any corelation between use of treated lumber verses cedar?

I'm just throwing out ideas I havent heard mentioned.....

11:29 pm  

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