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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The gold rush is gathered

The 2007 harvest is almost in -- just a bit more heather honey to come and a lot of ivy nectar being gathered which I will certainly not extract as it has the most disgusting taste I have ever encountered from a honey.

From an initial six colonies I have extracted something between 400 and 500 lbs (approx 200 kg) of honey. The bees have grown to eight colonies having already united some colonies and given away a couple of others during the course of the year. I'm pleased with the harvest since it has been such a poor summer after a terrific spring.

I now want to reduce further to six colonies, expecting that I may lose one or two over winter from the various ailments abounding. (I am about to treat for varroa -- a little late some would say, but this time of year works for me in this area.)

BTW, for those new to Propolis, attracted by the bell jar picture links, you might be interested to see other images including lots of close-ups filed under the my pictures keyword.

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