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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Part-time beekeepers or part-time thieves?

I'm back online with everything working sweetly (pause to see if PC objects to patronising comment). Nope! here we go ...

Thanks to Rufus, here's a story described as "quirky" by Ananova. It obviously made one journalist happy.

Bee thieves stage sting

Thieves broke into a garden and stole £900 worth of bees in what
police described as a professional sting.

Officers in Mettmann, western Germany, said the raid was highly professional and involved breaking through a section of a thick stone garden wall.

Six entire hives were removed - with thousands of bees still inside.

Cops say they do not know how many people were involved in the theft or how they managed to transport the bees away from the garden but it is likely that the thieves were bee experts.



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