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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cold feet over fiprinol

Since I've been out of action, I haven't kept up with the story about the attempts to eradicate varroa in South Island.

Latest news is that the German company whose pesticide that was designed to kill varroa (and feral bees) has withdrawn permission to use it -- after beekeepers had set up more than 300 sugar bait stations to lure feral bees that might be infected with varroa.

The active ingredient to be used to kill bees and varroa was fiprinol, often used in New Zealand to control moths and butterflies on cabbages. The manufacturers appeared to have balked at widespread untested use on bees.

Another chemical is now being sought. “The aim is to wipe out feral colonies in the three targeted areas along with any varroa they might be harbouring, so that replacement hives can be brought in from other parts of the South Island in June and July next year.”

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