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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Bees Algorithm

Bees have been helping researchers at Cardiff University’s Manufacturing Engineering Centre (MEC) develop a new algorithm:

The researchers studied how honey bees seek the best “bang” (that is, the most nectar) for their “buck” (collection effort). The algorithm parameters include density of nectar-bearing blossoms, quality of the nectar produced, size of the flower patch and flying distance from the nest. Convolved together, these parameters produce an optimization parameter indicating the fitness of each particular patch. The hive can maximize its honey production by sending the largest number of workers to gather in the fittest field.

The hive begins by sending out a cadre of scout bees who search randomly for promising prospect fields. These scouts then bring back reports that they communicate to the rest of the hive via the well-known “waggle dance”.

The hive then reallocates resources by sending additional scouts to assess locations surrounding the most promising locations, and fewer scouts to continue the random search. As reports continue to flood in, workers intent on gathering nectar concentrate on the most promising location.



Anonymous Ebubekir Koc said...

Hi, many thanks for your blog about our algorithm. But just a simple correction. It sould be "The Bees Algorithm".

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