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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The trouble with Snelgroving

Snelgroving is a long established way of trying to control swarming -- but it does have its drawbacks: skyscraper beehives (right-hand hive).

Above the Snelgrove board (a board with wire mesh preventing passage of bees, but allowing scents and to pass, and with six doors which are opened and shut to move flying bees from the top to the bottom) is the brood box (and now super)which is making the new queen/s and below with five supers is the brood box with the old queen. When the nectar flow is strong, hives can become a bit unmanageable as more and more supers need to be added. I'll remove some this week for extracting.

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The doors which when manipulated properly move flying bees from the top brood box to the bottom boxes. A top door is opened to allow bees in and out, then after about a week it is closed and the bottom door opened to take in the returning bees. Meantime, a top door on another side is opened to allow top bees in and out.

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