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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Right to farm?

Neighbours of a bee holding yard in the state of Washington, USA have claimed that the bees cause a nuisance. And a judge has ruled that the bee farmers cannot claim a “right to farm” defence.

The Walls had filed suit against the Olsons claiming the bees are a nuisance by stinging them, drowning in their pool and depositing excrement on their house, cars and clothes. ...

Nuisance lawsuits against farms typically involve odors, dust and four-legged livestock, but the nature of bees makes this case unique.

“You can't strap a feed bag on the nose of every bee, nor can you give each bee a little canteen to get its water from,” Skala wrote in a pleading last month. “You can't lock them up in a cage, and you can't put them behind a fence.”
The judge has sent both sides to mediation to try to settle the dispute. Otherwise, it's back to court.


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