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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Honeybee terrorists

If you thought Michael Moore was exaggerating in Bowling for Columbine about the way the US authorities set out to strike fear into citizens' hearts, read this :

First responders in Kansas soon could be adding bee veils to the emergency gear they wear.

EMS workers, firefighters and law enforcement officers are about to learn how to respond to a possible influx of Africanized honeybees into the state, according to Kansas Department of Agriculture Program Manager Bill Scott.

Recently discovered about 80 miles south of the Kansas border in Dewey County, Okla., the bees possibly could cross into the state, said Sharon Dobesh, a pest management coordinator at Kansas State University.

To the undiscerning eye, the insects look like common honeybees, but they don't have the docile honeybee personality, Dobesh said.
and so it goes on and on ... ending with:
Scott suggested calling 911 to report a bee swarm ...


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