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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bees in his band

I've been to hear the wonderful Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson (no relation) tonight. Apart from being a class act (a highly distinctive English guitarist and songwriter) Richard has something about bees, but I'm not sure what (oh yes, and Danny Thompson is just about the most exciting double-bass player you are ever likley to hear):

Richard Thompson's website is called Beesweb with lots of bee and hive motifs. And, mid-performance, if even told a bee joke:

He wryly dedicated a song (Don't sit on my Jimmy Shands) to the late Jimmy Shand, a Scottish accordion player not well-known for his modesty -- “when I die, Scottish music dies”. Well, Jimmy was staying in a British bed-and-breakfast and asked the landlady if she had some honey. Yes, she replied, returning a little later with a thimble-sized honey pot. “Ah!” quoth Jimmy (Scottish accent required), “I see you keep a bee”.


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