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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Will Hamas beekeeper win in today's Palestinian election?

Hamas is being represented by a beekeeper in today's Palestinian elections. And he is standing against his brother, a Fatah (Arafat's party) representative in Hebron:
48-year old Nayef (the beekeeper) is a slight, studious man who drives a clapped out Hyundai sedan. Big brother Jibril is a gravel-voiced bear of a bloke who speeds about in an armoured four-wheel drive chock full of bodyguards dripping in weapons.

... “There's no doubt that when Jibril and I meet, politics is the main subject of discussion,” says Nayef Rajoub. “But our political disputes don't affect our intimate family relationship. I'll always be close to my brother Jibril,” he says.

So close in fact, that after tomorrow's election the Rajoub brothers are likely to be sitting right near each other in the Palestinian Parliament.
Update: Result.


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