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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Share your honey -- or else!

Children's author Jan Brett has written an illustrated book based on an African legend:

“The true part of the story is that the honeyguide [a bird] searches for help to open beehives,” Brett says. “It is not strong enough to open a hive itself, so it leads people and an animal, the honey badger, to crack it open. The honeyguide likes to eat the beeswax. The legend of the honeyguide is that if you don't share the honey with the honeyguide once it has led you to it, then next time it will lead you to a lion!” This is just what the honeyguide in Brett's story does, teaching all a valuable lesson.
Christmas presents for 4-8 year olds solved!


Blogger Cat said...

Hey I know Jan Brett, she is from Norwell Mass. Have *** her books too.

11:29 pm  

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