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Friday, August 19, 2005

Agony ant column

There's an amusing and educational creepy-crawly site (spotted by Rufus) that reads like a problem page in a women's (or men's!) magazine:
Sir Bugman
Here is what we have researched to be a species of Wolf spider. This superspider went scurrying across our living room floor, pursued by our three insectivore cats. We got to it before the felines could snack on him. We though he was a mouse at first! This spider was enormous! ...

Hi David,
Gorgeous image of a Rabid Wolf Spider, Lycosa rabida. This beautiful spider is harmless, but greatly feared, hence the name rabid. According to a legend, the only way to cure the bite of its close European relative is to dance the tarentella, a wild Italian dance.
There's even a special Carnage section and a disappointingly unpornographic bug love section.


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