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Monday, July 25, 2005

Defending against the Africanized honeybee

A Floridian journalist reports on the State agriculture department's attempt to put the Africanized honeybee in context:
[the Department] said in the release: Florida beekeepers are consistently among the nation's leaders in honey production with 17 million pounds produced each year. Honey is only part of the story. For every dollar of honey produced in Florida, approximately $150 is generated in honey-bee-pollination services that allow fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and other foods to [grow].

So learn to live with them. But, the state wants you to know, there are defensive measures you can take if attacked: Run!

... Yeah, right. Ducking into a building or car is OK. But running a quarter-mile in a zigzag pattern, while wildly waving arms and screaming in panic, conflicts with another coping mechanism -- learning to live with growing older.


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