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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh Danny Boy!

The summer's gone ... There's one thing I don't like about beekeeping. In this part of the world they start preparing for winter about now. What a depressing thought!

The signs that the main flow is over are to be seen around my solar wax extractor. Bees are sniffing out that little bit of honey that leaks out. Despite so many flowers in bloom, they are now into scavenging mode. For weeks now they've ignored scraps of honey and wax around the garden -- now they are a great focus of excitement.

UPDATE 22 July: It's not just bees who think summer has already gone. Puffins do too. And they do a bit of “beaking” as a fond farewell.

As an aside, I've never managed to see a puffin. I went recently to the Dorset on the south coast of England -- but the best I could report was seeing a man who thought he'd seen some puffins near Dancing Ledge.


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