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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Propolis toothpaste

Comvita were represented at a local health expo today, so I bought a few of their products including propolis toothpaste and what they are calling jelly bush honey -- from Australia -- reputed to have special Manuka-like antibacterial properties but not fully researched yet.

I can't comment on the effectiveness of the Propolis toothpaste, but the taste is good -- not too sweet -- quite foamy in the mouth but a fairly horrible puce green colour. I certainly prefer its mild taste to my normal toothpaste.

The Jelly Bush Honey is fantastic, A rich, dark taste with crunchy bits -- presumably partly crystallised (which I understand is quite deliberate). It tastes quite like eucalyptus but I understand it's from a Leptospermum species (the same species that yields manuka honey) -- I certainly prefer it to the manuka flavour. I'll investigate its origins further -- it's delicious.


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