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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Irrational rationality

It's election time in the UK and the following blog excerpt has the ring of a politician speaking:

A friend of a blogger explained why she reacted wildly when a bee comes near:
‘It’s a simple cost/benefit analysis,’ she explains afterwards. ‘I could just watch the bee and risk getting stung, or flail my arms around wildly, make a total fool of myself, and avoid all possibility of stinging. I always choose the latter.’

Which is fair enough, I suppose. Nice to know that deep down, despite the apparent craziness of this lady, she is actually beeing being rational about things.
Ahem. No! She is being totally irrational. I can think of no better way of getting stung than flailing my arms about as soon as I see a bee. Being the mean sort of person that I am, I'd quite like to take that friend to one of my apiaries to watch the fun.


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