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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cypriot recriminations

Allegations are flying in Cyprus following the government's reported statement that beekeepers didn't understand the EU rules on honey.
In a written statement yesterday, the beekeepers censured the government for encouraging the use of antibiotics since 1995.

“They wrongly proposed the use of antibiotics and did not inform us of the possible negative consequences and for ten years they left Cypriot citizens exposed to the nutrition danger they raise today,” the written statement said.

The beekeepers further charged that in 2002 the health ministry had allowed the import of 20 tonnes of Chinese honey without any checks, when such imports were banned by a January 30, 2002, directive, which ordered their immediate destruction.

Agriculture Minister Timis Efthymiou said it was unfair to accuse the ministry for not informing beekeepers.


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