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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ulee's Gold

Tonight I saw a film I've wanted to see for years -- Ulee's Gold (UK video) (USA DVD) -- and I wasn't disappointed. Starring Peter Fonda as Ulee Jackson, a beekeeper, it tells the story of a dysfunctional family coming back from the edge.

Bees and beekeeping act as a counterpoint and a metaphor for the film's storyline. The treatment of beekeeping is first-rate and any beekeeper will relate to the beekeeping scenes. Even the music has bee undertones.

Unlike the usual hyped-up fare from Hollywood, Ulee's Gold is subtle and understated. Directed by Victor Nunez, a regional director, it is set in Florida and is a great advert for tupelo honey (which I have yet to taste!).

If you are interested in bees, odds are you will like and relate to this film. Only the rather too sweet ending disappoints. The best bit? No-one gets stung! Now that must be a first for a bee movie.


Blogger Cat said...

Think I can supply some tupelo honey...from a friend in Florida, I also enjoyed Ulee's Gold..nice review.

4:22 am  

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