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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

World's oldest man dies — long live the world's oldest man

Fred Hale, once thought to be the world's oldest person, has died on Monday at the age of 113. He was a beekeeper and his son pointed out the secrets of his father's longevity:
“His philosophy was simple: work, eat pollen and honey,” he told the Guardian from Jamesville, New York. “He had honey on his cereal and a teaspoon of pollen. But his outlook on life was that he liked to work. He worked in his garden until he was 107, and he did a lot of walking.”

There was something else - what his son described as an “easy temperament”.
By the time he died, he had outlived three of his five children. He had nine grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren.

That world's oldest man is now Germany's Hermann Dornemann, who is 111. The oldest woman, Hanna Barysevich, is 116 and lives in Belarus. I'll check out their bee credentials.


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