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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Romantic views of beekeeping in rural England -- not yet at a dead end

An article in today's Daily Telegraph (aka the Daily Torygraph) talks of the new squirearchy near these parts. Apart from the hilarious opener:
It is fashionable to pretend that Britain is a classless society.
it goes on to say that the new squirearchy (rich middle-aged things from London's square mile) feels certain obligations:
Another landowner, a man who inherited a substantial chunk of the entire Yorkshire landmass, sniffs: “Noblesse oblige still exists. You have got to turn up to everybody's funeral, whether it is the local beekeeper or the gamekeeper on a neighbour's estate ...”
I wonder if I might qualify one day! Nah, not in this village! Anyway, I'm just a cheap blow-in -- or a “washashore” as they say on certain seaboards of the US.

Some of the old toffs don't like the newcomers according to an estate agent:
My client made no apology for being late, but the old couple selling the house were completely charming. It was when he drove back to London that the old boy turned to me and said: “We're not selling our family home to that b*****, whatever he offers.”


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