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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Turtle and bees reek havoc

A seething swarm of bees that almost blacked out the sun descended in a deafening drone on Simuldhap village this morning, attacking everyone who failed to get out of their way ...
... so begins a colourful article in the Indian Telegraph about a bee incident after a truck of honeybees ran into a turtle in Malda, West Bengal.

It ends rather well too:
As the fire fighters arrived, their hoses ready to fire water cannons and wash out the winged terrors, beekeeper Mohammad Tawakali, who was only slightly injured, pleaded with them.

“This is our only livelihood. The bees have settled down and are just flying around. If you kill them, we will suffer immensely. This is the only source of income,” he told them.
There's no byline for the journalist. What a shame!


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