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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Recuperate from the big D with honey

Now that it's the travelling season in the Northern Hemisphere, research and advice is coming through about how to counter diarrhoea (in Britain the ‘o’ hasn't yet fallen out of the bottom of the condition). And, no surprise, honey is amongst the recommended intakes to help recovery:
dry bread or toast, high-sugar foods such as syrup or honey, acidic foods such as citrus, and freshly cooked foods.
Dr Charles Ericsson, head of Clinical Infectious Diseases at University of Texas Houston Medical School, explains:
"The intestinal tract has been injured. It needs to grow back and needs to be provided with calories. And that means go ahead and enjoy the local foods. It is more important to accept some risk of diarrhea rather than starve".
But the bit that I found alarming was a recommendation to take antibiotics to aid recovery. Antibiotics are about the only thing that give me the big D!


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