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Monday, August 02, 2004

Hoverfly mayhem

There has been a hoverfly explosion in the east of England this weekend. A few people have panicked thinking they are bees or wasps — as stingless aphid eaters, they are extremely beneficial insects. But beach-goers and skivers think otherwise:
Terry Allen, leader of Tendring District Council, said he had to abandon work on a school in Frinton on Saturday because of the intensity of the swarms.

“We were working outside and we were covered in them. If you look down the road people are covered in them. They look like bee-keepers.”
Apparently hoverfly population explosions occur occasionally, but can disappear quickly in a heavy downpour.

I've even noticed a lot more here in Hampshire in the past ten days. They seem to have a particular penchant for golf balls — especially just as they are about to be putted. It seems to be the white colour that attracts them.

Here's a nice pic of the offending beastie.


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